Another day, another scam. If you're a Meijer customer, keep an eye on your mPerks account as scammers have found a way to steal those hard-earned points.

Meijer mPerks Program

Earlier this year, we reported that the Michigan-based retailer was revamping its popular mPerks program. Meijer customers can now earn points on most purchases (excluding things like alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, lottery, and fees for pickup and home delivery), and have 90 days to redeem their points whereas the old program only allowed for redemption within 45 days.

Scammers Are Stealing Meijer mPerks Points

But scammers have found a way to steal customers' mPerks points, sometimes leaving those accounts empty.

Jessie Rezba is a Meijer customer who was ripped off. She tells WZZM-TV that she had saved up about 50,000 points which would have netted her $50 off. But when she logged into her account, she saw that all her points were gone.

"I saw an in-store order at a store that's like 100 miles away, I don't even know where the address is, for cologne," Rezba said. "Thinking, 'Weird. So, my $50 turned into a $50 perfume bottle at a store I've never stepped foot in and didn't know existed.'"

Rezba went on to say she contacted Meijer's customer service department and they made it right, restoring her stolen points. Still, she wonders how someone was able to obtain her login credentials.

Michigan Attorney General's Office Investigates Meijer mPerks Scam

The TV station reached out to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's office, and they say they're aware that other Meijer customers have been victimized.

The AG's office has a task force working with the Michigan State Police fraud team and Meijer's corporate office to investigate the fraudulent activity.

Keep an Eye on Your Account

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your account and watch for any purchases that you didn't make. Experts say that sharing password information can be dangerous and recommend using strong passwords to keep account information safe.

Also, avoid using PIN codes that someone may be able to guess, like birthdays or anniversaries. Since those dates are often readily available on social media, scammers could be able to figure out your credentials.

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