Meijer is revamping its popular mPerks program, offering more opportunities to earn points and doubling the time that's allotted to use them.

Before we get into the details, let's talk about the picture above. Did you ever imagine a coupon for a free dozen eggs (with a $100 purchase) would be something of value?

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What Are the Changes to mPerks?

The biggest change is most purchases in the store now earn points which can be redeemed later. Customers can earn points for every dollar spent on most items, excluding things like alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, lottery, and fees for pickup and home delivery.

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In addition, mPerks points are now good for 90 days, whereas they expired after only 45 days under the new program.

Each qualifying prescription now earns points, rather than every five under the old system.

The Michigan-based retailer outlined the changes in a press release on Thursday (1/12).

  • Purchases now earn points, which customers can apply toward the savings of their choice
  • Each qualifying prescription filled now earns points, instead of every five prescriptions filled
  • Points expire after 90 days, as opposed to 45 days in current system
  • Customers choose when and how they want to redeem points for additional savings

Existing Points Will Not be Lost

Meijer notes that customers' existing unclaimed mPerks will automatically roll over into the new program.

The revamped mPerks program will roll out in phases, with customers in Southeast Michigan making the transition beginning Monday (1/16). Other areas will follow, transitioning throughout January and February.

Visit Meijer's website for more information on the new and improved mPerks program.

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