Our neighbors must think that we're hiding bacon in the bushes at this point.

If you listen to our morning show, it's no secret that I love animals. When we're out at events, people often ask Pat if my love for animals is real...or just for the show? Needless to say, it's real. In fact, I think it might be getting out of control.

In the past month, FOUR DOGS (okay, three...one was a repeat) have shown up at our doorstep. They're not strays; they were just over-excited pooches who had been cooped up all winter and wanted to make a run for it.

The first one was on March 19th. I was walking our dog when this little sweetie in a sweater trotted up to her and started sniffing her butt. My dog's butt, not MY butt.

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I checked her collar - she had tags from a vet in Colorado and her owner had a New York area code. I thought, "This is IT! This is my Buzzfeed moment! I've found a dog that made an epic, cross-country trek and now I get to help her return home!"

Welp, I called the number - she lives in our neighborhood. More convenient, to be honest. Either way, she got home.

One week later TO THE DAY, I was outside with our cat and two beagles came running into our yard.

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We got them home, too.

And then yesterday, I heard barking ON OUR PORCH. My dog was inside, noshing on her lunch, so I opened the door and found ANOTHER BEAGLE at our door.

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Upon further inspection, it was actually the same beagle who had wandered over a couple of weeks before. But I was HONORED that she came right to my door! She knows it's a safe space!

I started to drive her home and fortunately, her owners pulled up before I got out of the driveway.

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I solemnly swear that I am NOT hiding bacon, dog treats or ground beef in my bushes. They must be able to sense that I'm a kindred spirit. I am, truly, the dog whisperer.