In the broadcasting business, 35 years is a very, very long time, and a legendary TV broadcaster who has been with WXYZ-TV since 1988 is calling it quits.

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Dave LewAllen joined Channel 7 all those years ago and Wednesday (1/25) - the 35th anniversary of his first day at the station - he announced his retirement. According to the station's website, LewAllen joined WXYZ as a sports reporter before shifting to the news division 15 years later.

The Only Station He Wanted to Work For

In the video below, LewAllen notes that he grew up watching Channel 7, and said it was the one station he'd always hoped to work for.

"it's the one station I really wanted to work for in this business and I've been truly blessed to spend the majority of my career here," LewAllen says. "But the time is right for the next chapter."

LewAllen goes on to thank the station's viewers, saying it has been an honor and privilege to sit next to his many co-anchors at the news desk.

The longtime anchor says he plans to retire in April of this year, but an exact date has not yet been determined.

LewAllen is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has won four Emmy awards during his career.

One of Dave's co-anchors along the way has been Glenda Lewis, who spent five years in Flint as a news anchor for WJRT-TV.

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