It's not every day that I get to say that my friend's album was released today. So, guess what? My friend's CD was released today! Meet Nate Harasim. He's a Grammy-nominated musician and producer, who also has two Soul Train awards sitting in his recording studio.

We met by chance last year through a mutual friend. He mentioned he was in the music industry, I mentioned I was in radio, we started sharing funny stories, and the rest is history. As he has been getting his new album ready for release, he told me that he got the okay from someone I knew to re-record a song. When he told me that Phil Collins himself signed off on Nate's remake, my jaw hit the floor!

Although Nate is a very successful award-winning music, he prefers to just be one of the guys. I've seen too many people get famous and become a first-class jerk. Not this guy. Harasim loves living in Mid-Michigan. He like being close to his family and friends, and he loves to help his community. In fact, he's matching the donations we raise through my karaoke contest for The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Flint!


Check out the World Premiere of 'In The Air Tonight' by Nate Harasim featuring Melina live on Cars 108 at 11:45 today (5/12), and check out more of my friend's amazing music including his new album '#Shades of Nate' by clicking here.

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