You might want to move this chore towards the top of your priority list.

Most of us work hard hard all summer long to maintain our lawns, but there are always one or two on the block that can't be bothered to do yard work.

Mayville has taken a huge step in addressing that issue of unkempt property with a new ordinance that requires that grass in a resident's lawn must not be no any taller than eight inches. Property owners who do not comply will be fined as much as $120.

The village bases that fine on having to pay each worker it hires to cut grass $35 an hour and $82 an hour for the use of village equipment. That adds up to $150 an hour to mow a lawn.

On one side, things will look a lot nicer than Mayville. On the flip side, people will be mandating how tall your grass should be. Is that too much interference from our local government?

More details are in the video below.

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