If you are going to have a water slide in your backyard, make sure to set the pace for the rest of America. Nothing small and dinky....make it one of the biggest in America! The wealthy often have private pools or sports courts, and while a pool is commonplace, a recently listed luxury estate boasts a 185-foot long serpentine water slide, one of the longest residential water slides for any home this side of the world. The asking price for the privilege to slide down at will — only $16.5 million.

Tudor house pool

Not sure if this home is owned by a celebrity or a CEO, but we know its a beauty! It's a 1930′s Tudor Estate in Hillsborough, California that offers a bay view and 12 bedrooms. It is located on 2.6 acres of gated land and the house has over 15,000 square feet of living space. The best part? It has a 185-ft water slide on this resort-inspired grounds.

[Via Born Rich]

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