Here we go, looks like Lindsay Lohan damage control, early stages.Lindsay Lohan is back to work – well, sort of.

The troubled actress, who is currently under house arrest stemming from an incident in which she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace, was recently the subject of a 90-second film by artist Richard Phillips. Take a look at her latest project after the jump.In the short film, naturally titled ‘Lindsay Lohan,’ the 24-year-old ‘Mean Girls’ star appears to be channeling an Ingmar Bergman of sorts as she looks sadly into the camera, swims around in a bikini and longingly touches a photo of herself.

According to PopEater, the film was screened at the Gagosian Gallery in Venice, Italy. Check it out below, then tell us: Is this a small step toward a Lindsay Lohan comeback? Or does she still have a long way to go?