It's somewhat comforting to know that we're not the only ones in the country, or the world, with road problems. 

Neville Daytona is a father of three and a resident of Wroughton, England. He was so fed up with the potholes in the neighboring town of Swindon (about an hour from London) that he decided to add a little bit of "flare" to them.

He picked up some dolls from local secondhand shops, and he buys just the heads so he doesn't have to cut them in half. He then submerges them in the potholes that are barricaded, but not being fixed.

The town of Wroughton claims that they've fixed the holes but they keep reappearing...and so do the dolls.


We tried something similar in Genesee County a few years back to bring attention to the always-terrible Michigan roads - we planted flowers in the potholes. They didn't last...and didn't get fixed.

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