Former City Administrator Natasha Henderson filed the federal lawsuit in Detroit yesterday. 

The lawsuit, for wrongful termination, alleges that she was fired after seeking a probe to find out if Mayor Karen Weaver was redirecting donations from a water crisis charity to her personal campaign fund. She claims that she was fired in violation of whistle-blower and free-speech protections under Michigan law and the U.S. Constitution.

A spokesperson for the city says that they won't comment on pending litigation. The lawsuit alleges that Mayor Weaver ordered her assistant and a volunteer to redirect donors from the Charity Safe Water/Safe Homes fund, which had been set up to help families affected by the water crisis, to her political action committee, "Karen About Flint" instead.

She first reported the allegations on February 9th, and was fired on February 12th after asking for an investigation a second time.

Let's just add this to the ongoing list of lawsuits that have been brought regarding, or in relation to, the Flint water crisis. It's going to take years to replace the pipes, and it's also going to take years to settle all of these lawsuits. *sigh*

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