A Lansing area woman is furious after her 7-year-old daughter was viscously mauled by her father's neighbor's Pitbulls.

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What Are the Details of the Attack?

Latasha Williams says her daughter Sarae was visiting her father and his fiancee on Saturday (7/30) when the attack occurred. The girl was attacked by the two dogs and has suffered injuries "from head to toe."

The girl's father's fiancee was home at the time of the incident. Sheretta Lee tells WLNS-TV in Lansing that she was able to step in during the attack.

“She was screaming to the top of her lungs and she begged me, saying 'Shertta, Sheretta, please don’t let me die,' and I said 'I’m not gonna let you die, sweetheart, I promise I got you. I got you.'”

She goes on to say that her dog tried to intervene as well, jumping up and biting one of the dogs that was attacking Sarae.

Girl Has Undergone Surgery

Williams says her daughter was in surgery for over three hours and doctors were able to repair many of her wounds. The girl may have to endure more procedures and may have to have reconstructive surgery on her right thigh.

She says Sarae has had some physical therapy and was finally able to get up and walk two days after the attack.

Dogs' Future in Question

Ingham County Animal Control is currently investigating the attack. Williams tells the station she'd like to see the owners lose custody of the animals.

“I don’t know if they were fighting dogs or what, but there’s [sic] kids in that neighborhood," Willaims said. "What I would like to see happen is those dogs being detained, and possibly taken out of the care of the owners.”

WLNS has posted some pictures of the girl's injuries on its website. They are, however, graphic in nature.


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