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Mackenzie Smith is a well-spoken, bright young girl who has learned how to navigate life during the coronavirus pandemic. The Lansing first grader's book, 'My New Normal' offers a kid's perspective in order to help other children who may be struggling to cope with isolation.

'My New Normal' is available on Amazon and has received plenty of positive reviews.

 "Great book!!! You can tell it is from a child's perspective!!!!" - Abby Champion.

and ...

"Such a cute story about a young persons experience during this pandemic. Their young lives have changed so much as well, so good thing she can put it in her own book." - Kierra.

In the video below, Mackenzie spoke with an Mlive reporter, saying that she struggled with not going to school at the onset of the pandemic.

"It was really heartbreaking for me because I didn't get to see my friends, I didn't get to see my teacher, I didn't get to see anybody."

But the 7-year-old goes on to offer words of encouragement to other kids, and reassures them that eventually, "everything is going to be OK."

"I hope that they learn that we can stay safe from the coronavirus by just playing with each other if you have older siblings, we can social distance, and we can have fun even though there's nowhere to go."

Kids offer the cutest perspectives:  Mackenzie hinted that she is planning to write another book, but says she's keeping the topic a secret because she doesn't yet know what it's going to be about.


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