We can't say it enough:  You can't leave kids and pets in a hot car for even a second. Lansing area police had to break a car window over the weekend to rescue a dog that was left inside.

The East Lansing Police Department said they actually fielded several calls over the weekend (7/23 - 7/24) when temperatures reached 90 degrees.

This Facebook comment on the Capital Area Humane Society's Facebook page sums it up beautifully:

Dog Facebook comment
Capital Area Humane Society via Facebook

Officers Had to Break a Car Window to Rescue a Dog

According to the Facebook post, cops had to break a car window to rescue a dog that was in distress after being left in a locked car with the windows rolled up.

"Tonight we responded to yet another one of these calls. Upon arrival, our Officers found a dog locked in a car with the windows rolled up, parked in the sun. After observing the dog in distress, and in fear for the dogs welfare, officers broke the window and removed the dog safely."


Police Aren't Apologizing for Their Actions

The police department went on to say that leaving children and/or animals in a hot car with no ventilation is a crime and noted that they will do what they have to do in order to save the life of a child or animal.

"Leaving your animal AND/OR children in a vehicle with no ventilation, is a crime and will be handled as such."


Technically, There is No Michigan Law

Unfortunately, according to this website, there is no Michigan law prohibiting pet owners from leaving pets unattended in a locked vehicle regardless of the outside temperature.

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