Administrators in the Lake Fenton school district are issuing a warning to parents whose children attend Lake Fenton Middle School. The warning indicates that a middle school student "was in possession of a list of names that may be vulnerable to a safety related concern."

No specifics were given as to the nature of the 'safety related concern.'

In an email to parents, Middle School Principal Dr. Daniel Ferguson noted that the Genesee County Sheriff's Department had been contacted and that a threat assessment was being conducted by the sheriff's office and the school administration.

The letter goes on to say that no other materials that violate school safety policies were found.

Ferguson concludes by asking parents to remind students to speak to an adult whenever school-safety issues are rumored or detected.

The letter, in its entirety, is printed below.

LFMS School Community,

We felt it necessary to share in a very timely manner, a school safety concern that was brought to the attention of school personnel at the close of our school day prior to dismissal.  It was reported that a student was in possession of a list of names that may be vulnerable to a safety related concern.  Genesee County Sheriff’s Department was immediately contacted, as well our central office administration.  A threat assessment is being performed as we share this message.  The school investigation and the GCSD will be on-going.

Please note all threats are taken seriously.  We will be contacting specific families with details as we are able.  During times like these, we can spend a lot of time filtering through rumors, etc so please let this singular message be shared at this time.  There was no presence of any other materials violating our school safety protocols other than a list of names.

Lastly, it is critically important to inform all of our students that when topics of school safety are present, speaking up is always the best decision and seeking out an adult.  Those efforts were exercised today and as a result, we are able to maintain a very safe school environment.

Daniel C. Ferguson, PhD.


Lake Fenton Middle School

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