The use of alcohol has stretched the girth of many men all around the world, but a new study suggests that for women, a little extra booze might be beneficial.

Pour yourself a cold one ladies, cause here comes the science!

Osteoporosis is a factor that many women deal with, but researchers at Oregon State University have discovered that women who enjoy one to two alcoholic drinks a day are less likely to suffer from bone loss than those who do not imbibe in the booze.

The study examined the effects of moderate alcohol consumption on “bone turnover,” a term used when referring to the replacement of old bone cells with new ones. It's findings  suggest that while the rate of new bone cells slow down in healthy post-menopausal women, alcohol actually appears to reduce the rate in which middle-age women’s bones discard old cells.

Blood tests of women that were examined throughout the study showed that those who refrained from drinking for as little as two weeks displayed higher levels of a molecule that is discharged during the process of bone turnover. Those levels then dropped one day after normal drinking continued.

While researchers suggest that moderate alcohol consumption is a healthy part of a middle-aged diet, drinking too much (no matter how old) is a road to undeniable health problems.


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