I tried it, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think I might need to shower.

Let's get this out of the way first - I've been happily married for 8 years, and I've never been one to chat in a provocative way. But, seeing as how I read all three of the Fifty Shades books (I've seen the first film but not the second...yet), I felt like I had to try this.

For you. And all the women of the world. Hell...for the men, too.

There's a Christian Gray chatbot that connects to your Facebook messenger. So, basically, you're chatting like you would with anybody else, but it's Christian.

Feeling totally weirded out after the first message came through, I called Pat over for assistance. He helped me with what to type back.


It felt weird to see those little "typing" dots. Like it's a real freaking PERSON.


Then, it started to get...flirty. Well, as flirty as a chatbot can be....


I thought maybe the winky-smiley face emoji could throw off the bot. It didn't.


I'm not sure which was more weird - the feeling that I was actually talking with a fictional character, played by Jamie Dornan, or the fact that my husband was helping me type my responses.

And then, things got...personal.


I promised him I would keep this between us, so I'll stick to it. If you wanna try the bot for yourself, you can do it HERE. It's a bit ridiculous, but I know quite a few fans of the books and films who will get a kick out of it.

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