Michigan Native Kid Rock donated $50,000 to several charities selected by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing yesterday. Kid previously announced his plans to make the donation while accepting an award from the NAACP earlier this month.

The NAACP honored Kid Rock with it's Great Expectations Award at the beginning of May at the Cobo Center. During his speech he announced that he would be donating $50k to the City of Detroit. Despite the good natured generosity that he has shown to the city, the ceremony was protested by a group of around 60 people. They were apparently upset about his use of the confederate flag during live performances. Kid Rock responded to the claims that his use of the flag promotes racism by saying "I love America. I love Detroit, and I love black people."

Proving that his love for the city and delivering on his promise, The Kid Rock Foundation cut Mayor Bing a check for $50k yesterday. He then distributed the funds to the heads of several charities including Youthville, Friends of Belle Isle, and Habitat for Humanity. Kid Rock left the selection of the charities up to Bing and joked that he’s “not the most politically correct”. Mayor Bing had nothing but praise for the generosity of Rock saying “He went beyond the call of duty”. Whether you love or hate his music, you have to admit that Kid Rock has done more for Michigan than most other celebrities have done for their home state and we are lucky to have him.

You can see ABC 7′s coverage here.

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