Because who doesn't want to name their baby "Harland," right?

Why is September 9th such a great day? Many reasons. First of all, it's MY birthday, so I'm biased. Second of all, it's 9/9, so it's hard to forget. And third, but more importantly, it's Colonel Sanders' birthday. Yes, THEEE Colonel.

In honor of their 11 super-secret herbs and spices, KFC is having a "Baby Harland Naming Contest." Did you know that the Colonel's first name is Harland? Neither did we, but we do now.

If you're expecting, and you're also expecting your baby to arrive this Sunday, September 9th, and you haven't yet picked out a name (that's a lot of "ifs" but we digress), you could win $11,000 towards your child's college tuition from the chicken titan. You just have to name your baby Harland.

Click HERE for all of the details. And, in the meantime, maybe some KFC Nashville Hot chicken will get your labor moving along.

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