Think you're cleaver? Is your family too smart to fool? Well it's time to prove yourself.

Spymaker Escape Rooms is ready to make you think and challenge your brain with a series of special quests in the great outdoors. They've put together adventures using a mix of treasure hunting & riddle solving to challenge your intellect. Groups and families will be sent on special outdoor socially distanced adventures to score cash prizes.

This month there 2 different types of Escape Quests, Mini and Ultimate.  The Mini takes place on Saturday, March 14th starting at noon. The Mini escape quests will be one to two riddles to solve with a grand prize valued at or around $100.  Registration fee for the Escape Quest mini is just $25 per group.

The Ultimate Escape Quest is happening on Saturday, March 27th starting at noon.  Registration fee tor this one is just $49 with first group to solve to win $500. The more that enter the bigger the pot will grow with winners getting a shot at a grand prize valued at as much as $5000.00!  The Ultimate Escape Quests will have multiple riddles to solve and will definitely be more challenging, but the reward will be so much greater!

Both quests will have those who register sent riddles that lead to specific locations within one or more of Lapeer, Genesee and Shiawassee county. If you don't win the big prize, don't feel bad, you still have a chance to win something special. With both quests, anyone that solves the quest  within 24 hours of the winner will be entered in a raffle for multiple other prizes.

To register, visit the Spymaker Escape Rooms Facebook page or their website and kick start your brain!

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