Researchers will tell you that fast food is not good for you. It's not healthy and could be considered dangerous. In this case featuring KFC, it was nearly fatal and KFC is being held accountable.

A KFC in Australia will be forking over more than $8 million to a young girl who suffered severe brain damage and was left paralyzed after consuming a chicken Twister wrap that wasn't prepared properly. KFC also had to pay some significant legal costs in the case for the family.

Monika Samaan ate one of the restaurant’s wraps in 2005 and then suffered salmonella encephalopathy, a brain injury linked to food poisoning. Along with the food poisoning, she also developed a blood infection and septic shock. Other members of her family also became ill, claiming it was caused by the KFC wrap and the court held KFC liable.

KFC has said it will appeal the ruling.