It's the "sloppy season" for dog owners, so make sure your fur baby's coat stays healthy and trimmed this winter.

I'm not a fan of winter. There, I said it. I don't care for the snow, which melts and then turns into slush and then mud. However, our dogs still need to be walked when it's not too cold out, so it's just something we've gotta deal with.

Even a well-cared-for dog's coat can get matted in the winter, so here's why you should bring your doggies to Key Lore for their winter grooming:

1. They have hot oils that can moisturize your dog's skin in the winter.

With your dog going outside and back in numerous times every day, their skin can get dry. And if you've got a dog with sensitive skin, like mine (miniature schnauzers are notorious for skin problems), Key Lore offers hot oil treatments starting at $15.

2. Your dogs are still shedding, even in the winter.

Key Lore can professionally brush them out at their grooming facility so there's less hair around your house this season.

3. Key Lore has services that will take care of your fur baby's precious paws.

If your dog is like almost EVERY OTHER dog, they probably don't care for those doggie boots. Case in point:

It's VERY important to keep their pads clean so that the snow doesn't build up and the salt doesn't stick.

And for the diva dogs, they also offer toenail polish services. Yes, really.

4. Keeping their sanitary areas trimmed and clean is extra important in the winter.

Imagine how nasty WE would be if we had to go outside and cop a squat or lift a leg every time we needed to use the bathroom! Preventing matting on their little bums and in their private areas is essential for good health, and Key Lore will take care of that during your dog's grooming session.

5. They'll take care of the delicate areas, like ear and face trimming.

Ever tried to get in your dog's ears? I have. They don't care for it. Rimming inside their ears and around the face can be a daunting task, and the professionals at Key Lore are ready to do it for you.

Check out Key Lore's full list of grooming services on their website. From toothbrushing to hot oil treatments, they'll keep your dog happy and clean this winter. Give them a call at 810-659-5951.

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