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The father of Kevin Bacon is relieved that Mark Latunski has been ruled fit to stand trial. The Swartz Creek man was found dead just days after Christmas last year, after meeting up with Latunski in his Shiawassee County home.

Karl Bacon tells WNEM that he felt all along that Latunski's insanity plea was just a show.

“I always thought he was kind of putting on a show for his defense," Bacon said. "And I’m glad they saw through it.”

Latunski, now 51, has spent the last several months in a psychiatric hospital in Ypsilanti. On Monday (10/5) a Shiawassee County judge ruled that he is mentally fit to stand trial.

COVID-19 has slowed the court proceedings in Latunski's case and Bacon says he is glad to see that there is once again progress.

"I felt that it was starting to move forward," Bacon said. "The defense tried to put a pause on it, but that got shot down."

Douglas Corwin, Latunski's public defender argues that some of his client's underlying conditions that were present before the December 2019 incident are still present. He plans to seek the opinion of an independent expert to further evaluate Latunski's competency to stand trial.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 23.

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