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Pop’s reigning party queen, Kesha, swapped getting crunk for guitar chords in a new demo. Idolator snagged a leak of ‘U Better Know,’ and it sounds like the glitter-clad singer is testing some new waters.

Kesha’s kiss-off track has a beat that’s as danceable as her previous efforts, but with more of a rock edge. Ms. Sebert actually sings on the track instead of rapping, and she’s unaided by Autotune — and sounds better than she usually gets credit for.

It’s unclear if the track will make it onto her next album with Dr. Luke this spring.

The demo isn’t Kesha’s first foray into rock. The ‘Blow’ singer, raised in Nashville, covered Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’ for a charity album and revealed her rock influences in her own party playlist for Rolling Stone. She also played the devil herself on Alice Cooper‘s ‘What Baby Wants.’

‘U Better Know’ also isn’t Kesha’s first leaked demo. In October, a snippet of ‘Last Boyfriend‘ hit the web, and ‘Shots on the Hood of My Car‘ made waves in July.

Listen to Kesha ‘U Better Know’ Demo

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