Kelly Stafford, the wife of former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew, is doing what she does best, spreading the love and giving back. Now the philanthropist, and often opinionated, Stafford is giving heroes and Rams mega fans a chance to attend this weekend's NFC Championship game.

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Kelly Stafford took to social media Wednesday regarding ticket prices for the big game. After noting the hefty ticket price, Stafford decided to make sure those hard-core Rams fans, military members, and veterans that wanted to cheer on the L.A. team had a chance to do so.

"Just went on Ticketmaster and saw how expensive tickets are getting. I’m going to buy a good amount and give them away. If you are a hard-core rams fan, or just a regular rams fan, a veteran, active in the military, a public servant, etc.. email me at and tell me your story with some photos attached! I’ll get back to y’all by tomorrow night!! #riuta", she posted to her Instagram.

Kelly Stafford, who hosts a podcast called "The Morning After with Kelly Stafford", seems to be embracing life as a Rams wife, often posting pictures and thanks to everyone supporting her husband and the family on their journey to adjust to life on the west coast.

Stafford announced his departure from Detroit after the 2020 season, but the couple had one final and special goodbye for the city they called home for 12 years. Stafford and his wife, Kelly, thanked Detroit by pledging $1 million to help build a new education center with SAY Detroit, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students from low-income families overcome literacy inequalities and educational challenges.

Matthew Stafford and the L.A. Rams will take the field Sunday at 6:40 pm for the NFC Championship Game, a first for Stafford. Right now it's the San Francisco 49ers standing in the way of Stafford and his very first Super Bowl appearance.

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