Whoops! Katy Perry accidentally gave millions of fans her phone number.

If you're scratching your head and wondering why, you're not alone. It seems like someone as social media savvy as KP would catch an error like that, but that wasn't the case.

Us Weekly reports that the singer posted an Instagram photo of her dog Butters on April 1. The caption read "BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF BITCH WANTS SAUSAGES," referencing Rihanna's new single. Unfortunately, the photo included a very legible image of Butters' dog tag, which is engraved with Katy's phone number.

The singer deleted the photo and corresponding tweet, but not before fans tried to bring the error to her attention.

"idk if it's your phone number but you should kinda see this..." one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "bae do u realise there's a phone number in that xox."

Another fan admitted that she straight-up wanted to talk to the singer: "hi there would you just re connect your number so we can send you a video of us singing walking on air thank you."

This raises the serious question: What would you say if you could actually speak with Katy on the phone? To be honest, we'd probably confess that we dance around to "Teenage Dream" while wearing a Left Shark onesie.

Speaking of Left Shark, if you're still looking for your Katy Perry fix for the day, be sure to check out this incredible replica of her backup dancer — made entirely out of Peeps. Brilliant? Absolutely.

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