They are the kings of cool now, but Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake may well be cringing over this newly unearthed video. We all start somewhere, for them it was The Mickey Mouse Club. I would think that made it a little harder for Ryan and Justin to put forth street cred, wouldn't you?

Take the jump and watch the video.

A clip has emerged of the pair starring together in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club when they were 12. Although the children's variety show aired on The Disney Channel from 1989-1995, both boys appeared on only one season in 1993.

Ryan and Justin aren't the only two successful Mickey Mouse Club alumni.

Timberlake's former girlfriend Britney Spears and his 'N Sync bandmate J C Chasez were Mouseketeers. Other stars of today featured on the show include Christina Aguilera and Keri Russell.

Interesting side note, Jessica Simpson, Countess Vaughn and singer Sara Bareilles were among the now-famous applicants who didn't make it onto the program. Goes to show you it's hard to tell the future.

Watch Ryan and Justin in the video below.