A baby doll that's on store shelves could be swearing at your kids. I think in this case you have to really listen closely to hear it. It's a little harder to understand because it's in baby talk. Give it a listen, remember to use your imagination because I believe these people are.

With Christmas less than six weeks away, parents will be hitting toy stores for this year's hottest toy. But what if one of those toys was cursing at you from the shelf? Well there is one baby doll that could be heard as doing just that.

While the recording is in baby talk, some think if you listen close enough you can hear the word in question being said. The cursing was noticed by Kakee Jesko a young mother in Amarillo, Texas.

If you have this doll you may want to listen to what the doll says. I have given it a listen, but I'm not catching the swearing. I'm not even sure what swear word the doll is accused of saying.

Check out the video below and judge for yourself.