We’re still waiting on more formal details of Jon Stewart’s new HBO project, but if the former Daily Show host wants to return to The Late Show night after night, who are we to judge? Watch Stewart debut his new fashion (and a few executive orders) with his latest late-night return.

As teased early Tuesday, the former Daily Show host returned to rejoin his old buddy Stephen Colbert, displaying the latest in men’s Trump-ian fashion. In the process, Stewart brought a long of Trump’s impending Executive Orders, including China sending over their own wall to secure our border.

And how do we get Mexico to pay for it, you ask?

This is the genius, Stephen. When the wall arrives at the southern border, we shut the lights; we pretend we’re not home. It’s [cash on delivery], Mexico has to sign for it. Boom! They pay for it. done.

Stewart eventually took on a more serious persona, joking that the stress of the Presidency is supposed to age the President, not the public. Watch the appearance in its entirety above, and stay tuned for more.

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