Add Good Samaritan to Jim Harbaugh's already impressive resumé. The University of Michigan head football coach helped police in Ann Arbor clear a tree that had fallen during Michigan's epic ice storm, beginning Wednesday, Feb. 22nd through the following day.

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Harbaugh to the Rescue

The act of kindness occurred Wednesday around 8 pm as a good portion of Michigan was getting pelted with freezing rain that ultimately caused icy road conditions, power outages, and downed trees.

One of those trees was blocking the road at Devonshire near the intersection of Londonberry in Ann Arbor. As Officer Howard Cooper worked to clear the tree, a van pulled up and out jumped Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Cooper gave Harbaugh a pair of work gloves and the two men got to work.

The Gents Share a Funny Exchange

Officer Cooper's bodycam captured the moment and the Ann Arbor Police Department shared it on Twitter. The men strategized how to move the fallen tree and introduced themselves toward the end of the video below.

"What's your name?" Harbaugh asks. "Cooper," the officer responds.

Harbaugh identifies himself only by his first name, saying, "Nice to meet you, I'm Jim. "

"You as well," the officer says. "Thank you, sir, you're a good man."

"Feel free to spread the word on that," quipped Harbaugh. "Don't feel like you have to keep that to yourself."

"No way," Cooper said. "You're a good guy."

The Ann Arbor Police Department thanked Harbaugh for his assistance on their Twitter page.

Take a look at the video below.

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