Tickets for the show go on sale in December.

For those of us who are rubbed the wrong way by the Lifetime movie Flint which will be airing on October 28th, this seems like a good compromise.

Michigander and actor Jeff Daniels has written a play, also titled Flint, which will be performed at his theater in his hometown of Chelsea in early 2018.

It's about a 75-minute drive (if you go the speed limit, but we know you won't because it's Michigan) from Flint to the Purple Rose Theatre Company, if you want to go.

The play is described on their website as follows:

For a century or more, generations of men and women in Flint, Michigan earned good pay and benefits manufacturing automobiles and the things that go into making them. Almost overnight everything changed. The people whose dedication and hard work earned them a place in the most prosperous middle class in history found themselves unemployed and adrift. “Flint” is the heartfelt and brutally honest story of two couples struggling to endure and believe in the American dream. Directed by Guy Sanville. Contains adult language & content.


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