When is Aldi in Fenton going to open?

That is a question many have been asking for quite some time.

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A new post on social media indicates the new Aldi store in Fenton, Michigan will open on May 8th, 2024.

The update was posted on the Fenton, Michigan Shoot the Breeze Facebook page.

Fenton, Michigan - Shoot the Breeze Facebook.
Fenton, Michigan - Shoot the Breeze Facebook.

The Fenton Aldi was originally scheduled to open in November 2023. When that did not happen January dates started to circulate. Now here we are with a rumored grand opening in May.

We only say rumored because we could not confirm that Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 is indeed when the highly anticipated store will open.

What makes Aldi so special?

Aldi offers low prices on brand-name products and knock-off items. The store is known for its awesome seasonal selections, limited-time offers, fresh produce, and more.

Where is Aldi in Fenton located?

The Fenton Aldi is located at 3225 Owen Road (48430).

Why do I need to bring a quarter to Aldi?

If you want to use a cart at Aldi, you need a quarter to unlock a cart. You do get your quarter back when you return the cart. This is a smart way to be sure carts are not left in Aldi parking lots.

Once the official opening day is announced, this post will be updated. Until then you can shop at the following Aldi locations.

  • Aldi in Grand Blanc Township - 6248 South Saginaw Street (48439)
  • Aldi in Burton - 1054 S Center Road (48509)
  • Aldi in Flushing - 5340 Pierson Road (48433)
  • Aldi in Flint - 4270 Corunna Road (48532)
  • Aldi in Lapeer - 815 East Street (48446)

For even more Michigan Aldi locations, click here.

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