There's been a big buzz in Grand Blanc this week surrounding all the new businesses that are planning to open in 2024.

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While we still don't know of every business that'll be going into the new Grand Blanc Market Place, we are aware of a few of them.

What Popular Sub Shop is Coming to Grand Blanc in 2024?

Several Jersey Mike's Subs are located throughout Genesee County, including one in Grand Blanc Township on Hill Road. Well, you can now add another one to the list.

It looks like Jersey Mike's Subs will be one of the many new businesses coming to Grand Blanc's Market Place in early 2024.

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Jersey Mike's was originally called Mike's Subs when it first opened in the seaside town of Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 1956.

Jersey Mike's:

In 1956, Mike was unique in that the product he was offering was a relatively new item in American society – the submarine sandwich.

Today, there are more than 2,000 Jersey Mike's locations open and under development.

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What Other Businesses Are Coming to Grand Blanc Market Place?

Other businesses to get excited about that are coming to the Grand Blanc Market Place include Smoothie King and Five Below. Those are the three that we know of for sure.

Originally, we were told that Amazon Fresh was going to be in the Grand Blanc Market Place but that is no longer the case.

Other rumored businesses include Panda Express and Starbucks.

I'm sure they're still currently trying to fill many of the spots.

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