Pop Evil drummer Hayley Cramer has announced she is leaving the popular Michigan band.

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Cramer made the announcement today, Monday, December 12th, on the Pop Evil Facebook page. The super-talented drummer said the decision was not made lightly, and her time with the band has been one of the best chapters of her life.

It is unknown what her next chapter will hold at this time, but Hayley did say she is ready to pursue new paths and adventures. As far as the Pop Evil fanbase goes, she has nothing but love for you all,

To the fans, thank you. Thank you for the energy you have brought to shows.


Pop Evil fans sure know how to bring amazing energy! I’ve given my all to you each show and would never want to give you less.


My decision to move on is because I would be doing the fans and my fellow bandmates a disservice by continuing with a feeling of needing a change.

You can read the official statement in its entirety below.

Hayley Cramer joined Pop Evil in 2016 after the departure of Josh 'Chachi' Marunde. Since joining the band, she has become a fan favorite. Cramer will indeed be missed, and we look forward to seeing and hearing what she does next.

We love you Hayley, best of luck on your next endeavor. You will be missed.

Check out some awesome photos of Hayley Cramer at The Machine Shop on November 16th and 17th of this year taken by Jeff Minline of Minty Pics.

Hayley Cramer At The Machine Shop Flint, Michigan

Gallery Credit: Jeff Mintline Mintypics

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