The tallest building in Flint, Michigan was demolished 10 years ago.

On this very date, December 22, in 2013, the Genesee Towers building was demolished. Thousands of Flint, Michigan residents lined the outside of the destruction zone to see the building implode.

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In 1966, crews broke ground on the Genesee Towers building at 120 East 1st Street in Flint. Two years later, the construction of the city's tallest building was completed. The new addition to Flint's skyline stood at 250 feet tall with a total of 19 floors. The bottom of the building was an eight-story parking garage and a lobby. The top half of the building was filled with 10 stories of office space.

Genesee Towers 2011 via Google
Genesee Towers 2011 via Google

Genesee Towers' Most Notable Feature

One of the main features that set this building apart was the one-story "hole" in the middle of it. The exposed floor between the parking garage and the offices made every newcomer do a double-take of the building. That exposed floor is the reason the building was called the Genesee Towers as it was two towers stacked on top of each other.

Businesses Inside the Building

Some of the businesses within the building included Genesee Merchants Bank & Trust Company, National Bank of Detroit, and The University Club, which was a private, men-only club that was made for professionals.

The Demolition

The City of Flint purchased the building for $1.5 million in 2008. It was then sold to Uptown Reinvestment Corporation for $1 in August 2012. The Genesee Towers building was demolished by implosion at 10 am on December 22, 2013.

Genesee Towers 2019 via Google
Genesee Towers 2019 via Google

The area where the towers used to be is now a green space where you can find the now iconic "Flint" sign. I remember being just a couple of blocks away to witness the implosion. It was such a cool site to see.

Source: Wikipedia

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