Flint Central High School has sat vacant and abandoned since closing its doors permanently in 2009.

While it's pretty tough to look at these days, Flint Central High School wasn't always in the condition that it is today.

In its prime, this beautiful piece of architecture had thousands of students walking its halls each day. Today, the halls are empty and the building is rotting away from the inside out.

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When Was Flint Central High School Built?

Its first building was built in 1875. However, the school moved into the present building in 1923. If still in use today, the school would be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

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Will Flint Central High School Ever Be Demolished?

According to Wikipedia, in April 2009, the Board of Education voted to close the school due to declining enrollment and maintenance costs.

The board for Flint Community Schools deadlocked during a vote in 2022 to demolish the campus. It was a three-to-three vote which ultimately caused the proposal to fail.

More recently, a new concept design for a proposed new high school at Central was shared on social media. It's unclear if the proposal will ever see the light of day.

It seems like it would be an impossible task to restore the school to its former glory days, especially after seeing the condition that it's in today.

Some of the photos (and video) that you'll see below are a combination of Flint Central High School and Whittier Middle School which shared a campus.

Thanks to Drew Holifield for assisting with this article.

Flint Central High School

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