A Fenton, Michigan restaurant staff was recently left a $1000 tip on a $14 tab.

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According to a post on the Fenton, Michigan Shoot the Breeze Facebook page, a man came into Leo's Coney Island in Fenton on the morning of Friday, December 8th for breakfast. After dining, the man left a note for his server to share the generous gratuity with Leo's entire staff.

As you will see in the post below, the gentleman left without making a big deal about the giant tip.

Fenton, Michigan Shoot the Breeze Facebook
Fenton, Michigan Shoot the Breeze Facebook

What a wonderful gift, especially during the holiday season. To date, the post has well over 1400 likes, and hundreds of positive comments.

Whoever the mystery diner is, your generosity was and is appreciated by Leo's Coney Island crew.

As it turns out, Michigan is one of the best tipping states in the United States. According to Money.com, the Great Lakes States ranks at #12 on a list of the best tipping states. Delaware takes the #1 spot and California is the worst state for tipping, coming in dead last at #50.

We know that not everyone can leave a $1000 tip, but please remember to be kind to your servers and leave something. Not just at Christmas but year-round.

Here's to hoping we hear about more big tippers this season in Genesee County and all over Michigan. If you hear of any more big tippers - be sure to let us know.

Leo's Coney Island in Fenton is located at 15010 Silver Lake Parkway.

Happy Holidays.

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