Calling all Hallmark Christmas fans! Get ready because a little bit of Michigan is about to be part of your seasonal vibe again this year.

When you live in a state scattered with charming towns that look like they feel out of a Christmas movie it's no surprise that one would end up being part of the Hallmark Christmas phenomenon. Once the snow starts to fly and the decorations are up, these towns are ready to create some magic.

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Once again this year Harbor Springs, Michigan will be featured on Hallmark Channel's special Holiday Camera this season. Now everyone across the world will be able to enjoy the popular Up North town's holiday displays. Last year was the first year the beauty of Harbor Springs was shared across the globe.

In June the Harbor Springs City Council approved a proposal from Hallmark during their meeting giving the okay to allow the livestream again this holiday season. According to the Petoskey News-Review, the plan is to keep the camera in the same place — on the corner of Main Street and South Spring Street facing the Holy Childhood of Jesus Church, where the city's Christmas tree is placed every year.

Harbor Springs will be featured with a few other chosen towns with streaming cameras as part of the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas feature.  Joining Harbor Springs this year visually spreading the magic of Christmas across the globe will be the cities of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, St. Petersburg, Florida, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Corning, New York.

The Hallmark Channel has yet to announce the official start date,  but reports say Hallmark is expected to set up the camera in Harbor Spring sometime after Thanksgiving and have run it through the end of the year, with live streaming from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a virtual journey to Harbor Springs with Hallmark Channel's Christmas Cam!

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