Growing up, going to video rental stores was like a field trip for us. We'd run around Blockbuster with my Grandma. After those closed down, we'd hop over to Family Video to look at movies and, once they introduced video games to the mix, we were floored. However, our parents never let us go into the backrooms of the place. Not sure why...


Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash
Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash


Family Video always had one of the most iconic buildings. It had that sweet glowing pillar out front with that cool glass and that green roof at every location. You could always tell a Family Video by driving by. Family Video shut down in 2021, citing COVID-19 as the leading reason for the company's closure since few movies were being released and there was low foot traffic. In reality, this was probably an accelerated death as streaming has become more popular than DVDs.



Now, other businesses have started to move in since then. While the building is inhabited by another business now, it keeps the memory of what was once there alive.


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At the time of the closure, there were over 50 locations around Michigan. So what have those old locations turned into? Let's see.


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