Lana Del Rey fans received the shock of a lifetime when the singer turned up at a random Waffle House in north Alabama on Thursday (June 20).

Videos shared on social media show Lana sporting the iconic Waffle House uniform, complete with a "Lana" name tag, as she straightened a customer's coffee cup from behind the counter at a Waffle House in Florence, Ala.

Miss Lana also posed for photos with her fans, doing her best to make the Waffle House into a Waffle Home. Luckily, Lana's visit to La Casa De Waffle went off without a hitch — an unlikely occurrence at the beloved restaurant chain that's known for its late-night drama.

Lana was spotted in Birmingham Monday for a mani-pedi and has been seen throughout Florence this week, posing for pics with fans.

So why is Lana in Alabama of all places? Florence's proximity to Muscle Shoals has many wondering if she's planning to lay down tracks at the legendary FAME Recording studios; however, confirmed the singer doesn't currently have a session on the books.

The masterfully moody singer's most recent album dropped last December, and her next concert appearance is locked in for Lollapalooza this August.

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