Flint area burger lovers have been obsessed with Halo Burger since its beginnings as Kewpee back in the day.

The world has Halo Burger to thank for the olive burger, too.

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100 Years of Halo Burger - A Flint Tradition

Not many businesses are able to become part of a region's life-long fabric. Michiganders, especially around the Flint Area know Halo Burger is a part of our culture.

When people come to visit friends & family, it's a must-have.

They started as Kewpee in 1923, serving burgers out of what they call a "boxcar style wagon" on Harrison Street in Downtown Flint.

Bill Thomas' name has been long associated with Halo Burger. He started working at Kewpee Hotel Hamburgers in 1938.

It wasn't until the 1960s that Bill Thomas purchased two Kewpee restaurants and renamed those to "Bill Thomas' Halo Burger."

"Heavenly" Halo Burger

The Olive Burger has been a hit with fans for decades, but that's not all Halo Burger is known for serving. The Mushroom Swiss and "Halopeno" Burgers hit the spot, too.

They even have a chicken sandwich and, for good measure, a Koegel's "Flint Coney." Don't forget to the tots, onion rings or cheese curds to make your meal complete.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Credit: Google Street View, Canva

The shakes have always been a hit. Especially the seasonal favorites Peppermint and Traverse City Cherry.

But it's the Boston Cooler that adds a "that's so Michigan" vibe. Vernors mixed with vanilla ice cream is so good.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Credit: Google Street View, Canva

Perhaps the best thing about this Flint institution is community involvement.

Earlier this year they partnered with Mott Community College (also just turning 100) to offer a $1,000 scholarship for designing the anniversary billboard.

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Cheers to another 100 (heavenly) years.

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