Forget all the bad things you were told about Brussel sprouts as a kid. They're delish.

Yeah, yeah, we know. There's a day for everything at this point. Some are more fun than others, but today is THEEEE DAY.

It's National Eat Brussel Sprouts Day.

I never really ate them as a kid; neither my grandma or my mom made them on the regular. Plus, you know, I was told that they were gross. The worst tasting vegetable ever. I was told that they smelled and tasted like feet.

What a crummy reputation for a food that, in reality, is REALLY TASTY!

We've been using Home Chef (another meal kit delivery service; we're not paid by them) for almost two years now and we LOVE IT. No more questions about what we're having for dinner.

One of the other great things about Home Chef is that we're trying all kinds of new foods - including Brussel sprouts. Of course, it depends on how you cook them, but they're scrumptious. And we highly recommend that, if you haven't tried them, you branch out and do it.

Here are some fantastic Brussel sprout recipes for your consideration:


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