Michigan residents and restaurant owners have been waiting to hear when indoor dining will resume within the state. Although the current restrictions are set to expire on January 15, there is word from a industry group that dine-in will return starting February 1.

According to a post by the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association on their Facebook page on Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is expected to let restaurant dining rooms reopen February 1.

According to the posted letter, the group states they "talked to the governor’s office and expect that the governor will have an announcement at her press conference tomorrow related to bar and restaurant reopening."  The group goes on to say that the reopening would likely take place beginning February 1. That   would give owners time to work with supply chains and figure out staffing.

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The MLBA also notes that once the reopening begins, restaurants will most likely see limited capacities and even the possibility of a curfew in place for serving hours. For many dining establishments, even a limited capacity is a positive in a year that has seen extended closures due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Many local restaurants have been relying on take-out orders to keep business going. Several have also adapted their services offering outdoor igloo and tent dining as a way to still serve their customers.

Restaurant dining rooms were operating at 50% capacity before their most recent closures were announced back in November.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected speak Wednesday, according to the post, but no time has been announced as of yet.

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