I think we have to temper our enthusiasm.

How many of us have made the bold proclamation that 'Breaking Bad' was the greatest television series ever made? A lot. That's how many.

So are we setting ourselves up for disappointment by anticipating the Netflix release of the movie that is said to pick up just moments after the series finale of the epic TV show?

'El Camino:  A Breaking Bad Movie" debuts on Netflix on October 11. It's also slated to be in select theaters the same day. If you want the sticky-floor experience of seeing El Camino on the big screen, Ann Arbor is your closest bet in Michigan, or check out the full list of theaters here.

Have you ever seen a trailer that basically edits every moderately good scene from the movie down to one little tease-tastic clip, then prompting you to slap yourself on the head for enduring the rest of it? (Think any movie with Melissa McCarthy)

The teaser for El Camino (below) gives the opposite impression. Sure, there are shots of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) with a shovel in the desert, a shower scene with blood running down the drain, and guns, but what the hell does any of it mean?

I can't help myself. I want it to be the best movie I'll ever see. Ever. Vince Gilligan, the series' creator gets writing and directing credit on IMDB, but seriously, it will be a major disappointment if this movie sucks.

And finally, Bryan Cranston as Walter White is not listed as a cast member on the IMDB page. But could that be a ruse?

I have so many questions. And I'm trying to be only cautiously optimistic.

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