Trust me - this is a game-changer. And no, they're not paying me to type this.

A quick recap: we were on vacation in Hawaii over Christmas and we took a boat tour for whale watching. The weather wasn't cooperating and the sea was an angry girl - we hit a wave and I went flying across the deck. Broke my right ankle and broke my left pinky toe.

So, I'm in a walking boot for six weeks. The first thing I noticed was, "Man, my back and hips are killing me." I can walk in it, so I'm getting about 5K steps in per day. The stinky part of this whole ordeal is that the boot makes my gait uneven.

A HUGE thanks to the listeners on the Pat and AJ Facebook page who suggested this - it's called Even Up. It attaches to your shoe and brings your other foot up to the same level as the boot so you're not walking unevenly.

even up

This is literally life-changing. I can walk without getting tired and I don't have the back pain at the end of the day. I can't recommend this enough.

You look a little like Frankentstein but trust me - it's worth it.

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