Finally this situation looks like it will come to an end. The nurse and Hurley held a press conference last night. Hurley Medical Center and nurse Tonya Battle have settled her lawsuit. Julie Gafkay, the attorney for the first nurse who sued, attended the news conference along with her client.   She declined to say whether money was part of the settlement adding there were 'several factors' involved.

The full statement, read at Friday's news conference, by Hurley CEO Melany Gavulic is below:

'We are happy to report, parties have amicably resolved this matter, triggered by conduct that is not consistent with Hurley's policies, we regret that our policies were not well enough understood, causing the perception that Hurley condoned this conduct. We thank Tonya Battle and others for bringing the situation to light. Hurley Medical Center is fundamentally opposed to racial discrimination. As previously reported, we will use the circumstances of this issue to ensure that our employees are prepared to appropriately handle situations like this. Hurley is proud to be the safety net provider for this community for over 105 years. We value the support of patients who trust their care to us. We value the dedication of our physicians and staff and this includes nurse Battle who's had 25 years of dedicated service. We are eager to move forward as a stronger more unified facility.'

Other comments in the video.