Michigan lawmakers have approved a bill that would exempt women who breastfeed their children from serving jury duty.  The legislation just needs Governor Snyder's signature to become law.

Meanwhile, a Colorado woman who recently bragged about getting out of jury duty could soon find herself on the other side of the law.

According to "The Denver Post," author and cosmetologist Susan Cole told a Denver talk radio host she lied about suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to get out of her civic duty last summer.  But unfortunately for her, the judge who dismissed Cole was listening to the show.

Judge Anne Mansfield recognized the story and decided to report Cole to the authorities.  She was officially charged this week with felony counts of perjury and attempting to influence a public servant.

In a related story, Jacob Clark from Massachusetts discovered it was easy for him to get out of jury duty... twice!  The reason, he was summoned to serve even though he is only 9-years-old.  Court documents list his birth year as 1982, not 2002 when he was actually born.  Jacob was also summoned for jury duty when he was only 2.