We've certainly been feeling the pain at the pump lately, but how do Michigan's gas prices stack up against prices across the borders in our neighboring states?

As you can expect, your mileage may vary.

Does it Pay to Cross the Border to Gas Up in Wisconsin, Ohio, or Indiana?

Obviously, you'd have to live near the border of another state if you wanted to cross state lines in order to save money on gas if gas was cheaper. And that's a big 'If.'

According to AAA, gas in Michigan averages $4.215 per gallon of unleaded regular gas. That's just slightly below the national average of $4.305 per gallon. (Prices are based on average prices as of the day of this writing, 3-16-22.)

Indiana and Michigan are Neck and Neck

You'll pay roughly the same price for gas in the Hoosier State. Indiana residents are seeing gas prices that rival Michigan's at $4.216 per gallon.

Indiana's gas tax is currently $0.30 per gallon compared to Michigan's $0.27 per gallon, but their sales tax is seven cents, or one penny more than Michigan's.

Ohio - Significantly Cheaper Than Michigan

Head over the state line into Ohio, and you'll save money on a fill-up. Ohio residents are currently paying an average of $4.061 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

While Ohio's gas tax is significantly higher than Michigan's at $0.35 cents per gallon, Ohio residents don't pay sales tax on gas, so the net price at the pump is cheaper.

Wisconsin For the Win

Crossing into Wisconsin from Michigan's Upper Peninsula is where Michigan residents are really saving money at the pump. Wisconsin residents are currently paying an average of $3.994 per gallon.

Although Wisconsin's gas tax is almost four cents more than Michigan's, Wisconsin's sales tax is not applied to gasoline. Michigan residents pay six percent sales tax on gas, which boosts the price per gallon to about $0.22 cents per gallon more than Wisconsin.

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