How did I not know that Houdini's final hours and final show were in Detroit?

Did you know that one of the world's most famous magicians had his final show and final hours in Detroit? I feel terrible for saying this but, I didn't and I grew up near Detroit. Harry Houdini performed his final show on October 22, 1926, and passed away on Halloween.

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What happened leading up to his final performance?

Several strange things happened to Harry Houdini leading up to his final show and death that many people feel contributed to his untimely passing. He fractured his ankle at a show on October 11th after being struck by a piece of faulty equipment. A few days later, after a lecture at McGill University in Montreal, he was asked by a student if he really could resist hard punches to the abdomen as he claimed in public. Upon being told yes by Houdini, the student began punching him in the stomach. Houdini was reclined on the couch due to his broken ankle and was not prepared for the punches, which left him in considerable pain.

Despite being in pain and going against the doctor's orders, Houdini jumped on a train to head to his next show in Detroit instead of going to the hospital.

Where was Harry Houdini's final show?

Harry Houdini's final show was at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit on October 22, 1926. The Garrick Theatre opened originally as Whitney's New Grand Opera House and was located at 1122 Griswold Street in Detroit. Unfortunately, the theatre was torn down in early 1929 to make room for the Cunningham Building, which was a 12,000-square-foot drugstore.

During his final show, Houdini was suffering from acute appendicitis and had a 104-degree temperature. Upon completing the show, he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

What hospital was Houdini taken to after his final performance?

Upon collapsing after the show at the Garrick Theatre, Harry Houdini was taken to Detroit's Grace Hospital. There he underwent surgery and doctors were able to successfully remove his appendix, which ruptured several days earlier poisoning his insides. Despite a grim prognosis, Harry Houdini held on for over a week. He passed on October 31st, 1926, and the official cause of death was listed as peritonitis, which was caused by his ruptured appendix.

I really had no idea that Harry Houdini's last show and final hours were in Detroit.


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