Timing is everything, even when it comes to committing a crime. I truly believe there is no such thing as a smart criminal. This story proves it. A 31-year-old man accused of robbing a hotel clerk at gunpoint was captured by two martial arts experts visiting from Oregon.

Watch the stupidity in action after the jump.

It happened Wednesday at a hotel in the 300 block of N. Vermont Avenue, in Los Angeles. Surveillance video shows the suspect, identified as Luis Rosales, wandering around the hotel lobby.

He then walked up to the front desk and pulled out a gun, demanding money. The clerk, fearing he was going to be shot, opened the register and gave the suspect money.

During the robbery, an elevator door opened, and two hotel guests who happened to be martial arts experts in town for a martial arts tournament heard the clerk's cry for help and immediately took action.

Watch the video to pick up the action of the foiled robbery.