As my sister so eloquently put it, "This place is bedlam!"

Parties, BBQs, fireworks,  oh my. The Fourth of July weekend is, arguably, the biggest party of the summer. So it was fitting that my sister decided to visit from Milwaukee for the past few days. She's only been to Flint to visit in the winter, so she was definitely in for a new experience.

On Saturday afternoon, our son became exhausted of swimming. He's been really into magic lately, and he requested that I shoot AND edit a magic show video for him. Here's the finished product - he's a work in progress.

On Saturday night, a hot air balloon flew over our house at an alarmingly low altitude, grazed the tree in our backyard and ended up landing in another part of our subdivision. And, according to the comments on our Facebook page, this isn't an abnormal sight. It ended up deflating and was hauled away.

via Pat & AJ
via Pat & AJ

On Monday, we had planned on having friends over for a BBQ, but those plans were squashed when we had to ground our son. We spent the entire day in the pool, sending him back to his room every hour or so.

So, to keep ourselves entertained, Pat put on a puppet show with the oven mitt that he used to grill.

At the end of the weekend, my 'sconnie sister proclaimed, "Is Michigan a lawless state? People drive too fast, they smoke pot, land hot air balloons and set off their own fireworks. This is bedlam, and I think I might like it!"

Couldn't have said it better ourselves! How was your weekend?